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Uh Ki Ohm/ You Are Welcome. Feel free to look around. I, Donald IfesinaChi Chijioke Nwokolo (Dicn), the Inventor/ Creator of the language : Dicnei, shall delightfully keep you updated, until Dicnei properly goes public.


About Dicn

Donald IfesinaChi Chijioke Nwokolo (Dicn) /di:kn/ is a Christ Yeshua Follower, Songwriter, Singer, Rapper, Writer, Speaker, Expositor, Graphics Designer, Printer, Filmmaker, Soprano Voice Coach, Arts Enthusiast, Uncertified Philosopher, etc. www.donald-ifesinachi-dicn.com, www.dicn.name, www.dicnei.dicn.name, www.yaahssogah.dicn.name, www.igbo-naani.dicn.name, www.fortheloveofthisnation.dicn.name, www.shoppinginenugu.dicn.name, www.igbotoenglish.dicn.name, www.igbonamesandmeanings.dicn.name, www.gif.dicn.name, www.videosandphotos.dicn.name. COMING SOON: www.mmeju-asusu-igbo.dicn.name, www.english-made-by-dicn.dicn.name.

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