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I am Donald IfesinaChi Chijioke Nwokolo, AKA Dicn /di:kn/, which is an acronym for my names.

Born on the 18th day of October, 1983, I am from Enugu State, Nigeria.

I am religion-wise, a Yaahssogahn and a follower of Christ Yeshua (Jesus), Son of God Almighty.

I am a Writer of Diverse Genres of Literature, including Prose, Scriptwriting, Religious Writing and more.

I am also a Songwriter, Singer, Rapper, Soprano Voice Coach, Filmmaker, Graphics Designer, Printer, Arts Enthusiast and more.

Furthermore, I am a Public Speaker and an Expositor, both in Writing and in Speaking.

Very importantly, I am a Philosopher (Uncertified).

I am the Founder and until I present it to the public, the only member of my new religion- Yaahssogah- www.yaahssogah.biz

This Website is for my Newly Invented yet-to-go public Language: Dicnei.

http://www.donald-ifesinachi-dicn.comhttp://www.yaahssogah.dicn.namehttp://www.igbo-naani.dicn.namehttp://www.fortheloveofthisnation.dicn.namehttps://dicnei.dicn.namehttp://www.shoppinginenugu.dicn.namehttp://www.igbotoenglish.dicn.namehttp://www.igbonamesandmeanings.dicn.namehttp://www.dicn.name —



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